Patchouli Lavender Pillar Candle

Patchouli Lavender Pillar Candle

Item# patchouli-lavendar-pillar-candle
You will enjoy our round pillar candle's beautiful rustic finish almost as much as the excellent scent throw! Even when the candle is unlit, you will notice the patchouli and lavender aroma in the air as you walk by! Generous amounts of Indonesian patchouli essential oil blended with lavender essential oil help to create a tranquil area.

For maximum effect, create a grouping of our pillar candles in various sizes.

Pillar size is 3" tall. Wicks are natural cotton.

Burn time is approximately 56 hours.

Please read and follow the burning instructions on the safety label. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
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